Ben Franklin Bridge Run: 6 year streak

A week and a half ago I ran the Ben Franklin Bridge run for the 6th year in a row. I finally have a few minutes to write the race recap. I have been going crazy collecting data for my research project but I am down to the final 100 schools, which will probably take me another 2-3 weeks. Data collecting is a long drawn out process.

This race is always the same day as daylight savings time and every year I amuse myself by explaining how Ben Franklin influenced day light savings time and how we are running over the Ben Franklin Bridge. I don’t think this fascinates very many people.

The race wasn’t as cold as I remember it being in the past but I was just as miserable as I’ve been every time I’ve run this race. This is one of those races that always seems like a good idea when I sign up, but that I never actually want to run on race day. This year was particularly bad because I haven’t really been training the last few weeks and any runs I am doing are at a slower pace with a focus more toward the marathon. Also, I hate waking up in the morning and the morning of this race I woke up with an upset stomach. I made my goal not to puke or use the bathroom during the race. I accomplished my goal.


Moments before the race I was not thrilled to be walking up to the bridge. FUN FACT: I DON’T LIKE BRIDGES. Doing this race helps me overcome my bridge phobia because I forget I am on a bridge for most of the race.

And then you run off the bridge into Camden. My personal photographer took these photos:



For a 10K this was one of the worst races I’ve ever run. I ran 44:46, which is about 5 minutes off of my best time running the bridge and I wasn’t mad. I was just glad that I didn’t have to run anymore that day. Sometimes runners need a break from running and I need a break from running, but first I have to run the marathon on Sunday.

Now that I have done this race 6 years in a row I have 6 bridge run medals. Here they are:


I don’t have much else to say about the Bridge Run, just that every year I don’t get my foot stuck in a subway track is a good year!

3 thoughts on “Ben Franklin Bridge Run: 6 year streak

  1. I want to run this race because the medals say Cooper and our bridge is called the Cooper River Bridge and I want to say I ran both Cooper River Bridge Runs.

    You still ran a great time to be in marathon training and so busy with school. You’re right about breaks, sometimes we all need them and sometimes races seem like a good idea at the time and aren’t on race day. Best wishes to you in the marathon and I hope you finish injury-free and smiling.


  2. I thought about doing the Bridge Run this year! ..maybe next year, though you don’t seem to be a huge fan. I definitely understand getting burnt out by training. I’m running Philly on Sunday too (God help us with the weather!) and I keep thinking that I don’t know what I’ll do once marathon training is over (maybe some yoga or kickboxing). It’s a good change of pace (no pun intended) to take a running break every now and then! 🙂


  3. I had a good time seeing you though. I was in a mentally similar spot that day and both tired and grumpy. Nothing really felt all that good. I’m excited for you to relax and enjoy yourself after this weekend 🙂


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