Life post marathon

Since I ran the Philadelphia Marathon, 12 days ago, I have run 1 time. I ran 4 miles last Saturday night at a group trail run. I had a flashlight and I was wearing a pair of my snowflake pants and my snowflake gloves. Lyndsey and I talked about our marathon experiences the whole time and then we shivered by a fire drinking hot chocolate. If this run wasn’t attached to a social event I would have run zero miles in the 12 days post marathon.

night run.jpg

I have no desire to run right now.

I need a break from running mentally and physically. Hopefully in another week I will feel like running again. If I don’t I won’t run. I’ve learned the hard way that sometimes taking a break from running is necessary. Not running has given me so much extra time!

I’ve baked pies. I had to use canned pumpkin because the pumpkins I tried to grow in my backyard did not survive. The pumpkin plants got frost bite, shriveled up, and died. I was very thankful for canned pumpkin on Thanksgiving.


I watched Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life! I stayed up until 3:00am waiting for it to be released on Netflix. I have been waiting for this day for years. Ever since the series ended I have been wishing the show would make a come back and it finally did! Wishes do come true sometimes!!!! Junior and I snuggled up with the new comforter I bought while I was out Black Friday shopping and watched it together. We also took a cat nap.


And……I ordered a new coffee mug that I am anxiously waiting for. It says “I just want to drink coffee and watch Gilmore Girls”.

I’ve spent a lot of time with the cats, mostly trying to trick them into going in the carrier so I can take them to the vet. Wish me luck!


I drank lots of coffee.

Phil and I went to the Christmas parade. We also went to dinner with my family. Both outings required us to look nice so we had to take pictures.


Oh, and I’ll end with this….we are moving to Colorado!!

3 thoughts on “Life post marathon

  1. Eek! Good luck with the move- it sounds like this break from running came at just the right time for you with the holidays and the move coming up. You’ve had a really busy 2016 and you had a great marathon, so I understand taking a break and having some down time. It’s still neat you could get out and log a few miles socially, though (I love the holiday social runs here with hot chocolate!). I would love to visit Colorado someday too.


  2. I think you are making such a smart move with running. If you don’t want to run…there is no point! I’m glad post Philly is going well though,you seem like you’re in such a good spot mentally.


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