Moving to Colorado

Moving to Colorado

I plan to blog throughout our moving experience because if we ever decide to move across the country again we will need a reminder of why we should or why we should not move! You forget things after a while and I am sure that when we are settled in Colorado we won’t remember how stressful or how eventful this experience has actually been. Most likely we will need to read this to see why we need to avoid moving again at all costs. So far everything that came after the decision to move has been really overwhelming.

Phil applied for a job in Colorado early in the summer but nothing came of it until late October when they called him to schedule a phone interview. The phone interview must have gone well because the next week were on a plane to Colorado for Phil’s in person interview. While we were in Colorado we spent some time checking out the surrounding towns and getting a feel for the area incase Phil was offered the job. We loved the area and not long after the interview we found out that he got the job.

After a long discussion we decided to move. The pros outweighed the cons and we both love Colorado. We’ve always talked about moving there but the opportunity never presented itself until now. It felt like it was meant to be.

We will be leaving for Colorado in January. Phil and I plan to drive from New Jersey to Colorado with both cats. We plan to be at our new house within three days and two nights after we leave NJ.  Unfortunately, after we get settled in our new home I will have to fly back to New Jersey because I just started an internship that won’t end until March.

Between selling our house, finding a new house, the holidays, starting a new internship which is essentially the same as starting a new job, dealing with the cats who are not happy about the move, knowing we will be temporarily separated, and packing to move I’d say we have a lot going on right now but the mountain view from our new house will be worth it! Colorado is a beautiful state and we are really excited!




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      1. I live in Loveland, CO which is about 50 miles north of Denver. Are you moving to Durango or Grand Junction (those are the places I think of when people say western CO)?!


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