Moving to Colorado

Moving the cats to Colorado Part 1: The vet visits

When Phil accepted a new job in Colorado I decided that the cats needed to go to the vet. I wanted to make sure that they were healthy.

Junior was scheduled to go to the vet last Thursday but he refused to cooperate. In the mean time Ninja walked into the carrier and ate the bate (treats) so I shut the door and drove him over to the vet because Junior had disappeared into the basement.

Ninja howled the whole drive and when we got to the vet he refused to come out of the carrier. He was meowing in the waiting room and people were staring at me because I couldn’t control my cat. I was getting the kind of looks I give people in restaurants whose kids won’t stop screaming. Ninja was not happy to be there and he was making that known. When he was finally in the exam room he was suddenly very quiet and the vet tech had to take the carrier apart to get him out. The good news is that he is very healthy and he took his shots like a man.


This morning Ninja was scheduled to go to the vet but since he went last week it was now Junior’s turn. Over the weekend we went to Petsmart to get a larger carrier in hopes that it would be easier to put Junior in it. All weekend he sniffed around it but wouldn’t go in. I knew I had one shot to get him in there this morning and I really took a gamble because I waited until the very last possible moment. I picked him up during his morning nap and I carried him down the stairs and shoved him in backwards. Before he realized he was in a cage I shut the door and put him in the car! Junior also howled the whole way to the vet office and he was biting and clawing at the carrier. He was sticking his paws out the front door and acting like the world was coming to an end. The new carrier is humongous and difficult for me to carry. Of course I tripped and twisted my ankle walking from the car to the office. I swear that cat meowed “you deserved that!”

Here is a visual:


In the waiting room Junior was polite, aside from sticking his paws out of the cage, but that was cute. img_6845

In the exam room Junior was quite the explorer and unlike Ninja he bolted right out of the carrier and began looking for an escape route. At one point he even stepped on the keyboard and pulled up Ninja’s chart in place of his. Junior is also very healthy and he took his shots like a man too. The staff commented on how soft his fur was but he was not thrilled by their flattery.

After he was seen we had to wait for health certificates and calming medicine to give the cats before we travel. During our wait we met two other cats in the waiting room. One cat, Smokey, kept hissing  at us and another cat, Gotham, was walking around freely. Smokey’s hissing upset Junior so I had to turn his carrier to face the other way. Smokey’s owner was also insane and talked my ear off the whole time we waited. I was actually pleased her cat did not want to socialize with my beautiful cat. Smokey seemed like a bad influence.

Finally, we left the vet and a garbage truck was collecting garbage right next to my car. This frightened Junior. Sometime between meeting Smokey and returning home he peed (out of fear) in the carrier on his favorite fleece blanket. I think the garbage truck was the cause of that so I told him it was okay and I am washing the blanket for him!

I am glad that both cats are healthy enough to travel with us in the car to Colorado, but I am also glad that won’t be happening until January. I need a break from catching cats!


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