3 weeks without running

After the Philadelphia Marathon I took 3 weeks off from running, aside from one 4 mile run. This is the longest period of time I’ve taken away from running in almost a decade. Even 2 years ago when I was super sick I didn’t take 3 weeks off from running. Normally taking a few days or a week away from running stresses me out and makes me feel very anxious, but not this time. I was mentally and physically burnt out and running became a chore. Running was unenjoyable and I dreaded running for 3 months leading up to the marathon.

During my three weeks without running I barely thought about running. I wasn’t concerned about loosing fitness and I only started to miss running toward the end of week 3. This is when I decided to start running again.

My plan is to run 3 miles every other day this week to give myself additional rest and then I’ll begin running more consistently next week. I don’t feel bad running, but I feel like another week of down time is necessary.

Since taking time off, I am in a much better place mentally and physically because I gave my body and mind the rest they needed. It is amazing how much running and training can stress your body and your mind. Letting go of that stress has been rejuvenating, like a tropical vacation. I am considering this time away from running like a vacation, but now I am starting to feel homesick. I don’t plan on running a race any time soon but I do think I’ll be doing long runs again by the end of January.


2 thoughts on “3 weeks without running

  1. You made a smart decision to take time off after the marathon. Way too many runners shortchange the need for a break. I have been dealing with this stupid injury for awhile and think that if I’d taken more “down weeks” or a recovery week after some of my longer races last Spring and earlier this Fall, maybe I would not be injured. I read somewhere “When in doubt, sit it out”. And like you, I have noticed a mental change as well. It’s almost like I was training on auto-pilot and now I’m much more mindful and doing some fun runs rather than going die-hard with the track, tempos, etc.

    Plus, you have so much going on with the holidays and the move. Running will be here for you when you are ready!


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