Moving to Colorado

Moving to Colorado: The packing process, the holiday season & an update on running

As most people know by now, Phil and I are moving to Colorado. It has been an overwhelming process to make this decision and to plan our move during the holidays. Honestly, it has been more challenging than I could have ever imagined because this is our favorite time of the year. We have boxes everywhere and a lengthy to do list. We love Christmas and I feel like this move is sucking the joy out of our favorite time of the year. We never even got a Christmas tree. Luckily, we have 2 tiny trees that we display in addition to our tree each year so at least we have those. I normally hang garland over all of the doorways and around all of the windows but that takes a lot of time and it seemed pointless since we need to be packed by January 4th when the movers come.

We had our annual holiday party on Saturday but there were boxes in the office, boxes in the sunroom, and boxes at the bottom of our stairs. We tried to keep our living room and dining room in tact, but I feel like we are seriously lacking holiday spirit this year. We are trying to enjoy this time with our family and friends before we move but it is difficult (at least for me) because we just have so much going on. I feel like a tornado flew threw my house and everything is everywhere and nothing is easy to find.

–I love baking but a lot of my baking stuff is already packed away so I didn’t make any festive cookies. Chocolate chips were easy to make, but not very festive. The candy helped me.

–We went for a walk down to the Christmas village the other night. We do this every year and we needed a break from the moving insanity so we walked to our favorite pizza place and then to the Christmas village. I was pleased with this outing because I was finally able to find out what brand of honey mustard they use for their fries. It is the best honey mustard I’ve ever tasted! Unfortunately, I’ve already forgotten what it is called though……but for a few minutes I knew.

–We have been trying to use our Christmas mugs and we have even been drinking warm apple cider while watching Christmas movies.

Bonus points if you can guess what is wrong with the mug in the second photo and even more bonus points if you can guess which cup of coffee is mine and which cup of coffee is Phil’s in the photo on the left.

–The cats have forgiven me for taking them to the vet. One cat is ready to move and the other is not even helping with the packing. You can see our tiny tree in the background.

–I started running again last week and ran 3 miles every other day. This week I went to the Sneakers and Spokes group run on Monday. I ran 6 miles at 8 something pace. My watch wasn’t charged so I don’t know the exact pace, but I know it was faster than anything I have been doing since the marathon. This has been the longest run I’ve done since the marathon too. I took off on Tuesday because my body felt that 6 mile run and then I ran 3 easy miles on Wednesday. I am hoping to run easy the rest of this week and next week, but more consistently. Oh, and I am wearing my red and green sparkly soul headband all week!!IMG_6882.JPG

2 thoughts on “Moving to Colorado: The packing process, the holiday season & an update on running

  1. I wore my green headband the other day. I don’t have a red sparkly soul one but the green one is festive and cute. I’m glad you’re still celebrating Christmas at all with the impending move, spending time with friends, and doing a little baking and running. Best wishes with finishing up packing in time to move, too.


  2. I’m glad you’re able to enjoy some of the Holidays at least. I know how hard and stressful moving is. I’ve always wanted to go to Christmas Village. I’ve heard it’s wonderful.


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