2016 was nothing like I expected it to be. I can’t put together the right words to discuss this past year so here is a month by month breakdown of the year highlighting a few things that happened each month:


On the first day of 2016 I was supposed to run a race with Brittany but I got the time wrong and we missed the race. This is why Brittany always handled the details of our races. I also attended a group run at Sneakers & Spokes that day, so I ran 2x on January 1st.

I got a 20z leak proof travel mug for Christmas in 2015, so 2016 started off very caffeinated.

I was also eating Blue Gatorade Popsicles last January and freezing my butt off!

I decided to leave my full time job and I began working less and focusing more on graduate school. I started taking a kinesiology class last January and for 11 subsequent weeks I was confused.


February started out with a flat tire. In all of my years of driving I had never gotten a flat tire. Then we broke one of our basement windows removing the flat tire.

In 2016 I actually (willingly) participated in the super bowl because the panthers were playing and I had an acceptable reason to wear my black cat sweater.

On Valentines Day I ran at Brandywine State Park with the Sneakers & Spokes group. This was the coldest run of my life. It was so cold that my water bottle froze during the run.

I was particularly disturbed last February when Twitter changed from “favorite” (stars) to “like” (hearts).

In February I decided to go to the eye doctor so I could get contacts again. I hate going to the eye doctor so this was a huge deal for me.

Unfortunately, I had insomnia for the entire month of February in 2016.


March was a weird month. I felt very lost and I felt like I was wandering aimlessly. I had made a drastic change in my life by leaving my job and focusing on school, but I was isolated and alone most of the time. I had little motivation to train unless I was with a group and I wasn’t really enjoying running. Despite these struggles, I made progress with my research project and I ran the Adrenaline 5K (my first race of the year) in 20:12.

At the end of March Lyndsey and I worked for Sparkly Soul at the Hot Chocolate 15K expo. We also began the month of April working at the Hot Chocolate 15K expo.


The first thing I did in April (after staying up until midnight) was sign  up for The Philadelphia Marathon. Then I went to sleep and went back to the Hot Chocolate 15K expo.

My kinesiology class finally ended and I earned an A-!

In April I found myself entered in 2 races on the track. A 1 mile race and a 10K. Both went better than I had expected. I ran a 5:47 mile and a 41:08 10K.

The last thing I did in April was work for Sparkly Soul at the Broad Street Run expo.


In May I felt pretty motivated to run. By this I mean I actually remember myself going for runs alone in May and enjoying them. I felt like things were improving with my running. I ran one race at the end of May.

Most importantly, in May I discovered the orchard flavored skittles and there are no purple skittles in the pack! I hate purple skittles!

At the very end of May I started dreaming of the mountains.


In the beginning of June I ran a 5K with Liz and we were the 1st (Liz) and 2nd (me) OVERALL finishers. No men finished ahead of us. The t-shirt from this race would go on to be my favorite t-shirt over the next 6 months of 2016.

In June I celebrated #nationalbestfriendday with my cats!


On July 1st I was still longing for the mountains. I even tweeted it (again).

Phil got me a new Garmin for my birthday.

I ran the 4th of July race and for the 5th time I was the fastest woman in town. Just a few hours after the race I got on a plane and flew to California for graduate school.

In July I caught a foul ball at an Athletics game…well, I picked a foul ball up off the ground while everyone else wrestled over it. This was one of the highlights of my year.

Running in July was excellent! My motivation was high, my runs were quality, and I was enjoying it.

I started doing sequin art. I also sent a lot of letters home to my family and friends.

I ended July by hiking, falling down a hill, and getting poison oak on my butt.


In August I finished my internship and flew back to NJ.

Running started off great in early August but then it took a turn for the worst and I could barely run a few miles without feeling horrible. I ran a 5K at the end of August and ran slower than I have in almost 10 years.

For the rest of August I had issues with low iron and compartment syndrome.

Oh, I also tried to grow a pumpkin patch in August.


September didn’t go well with running but I struggled through it as best as I could because I had the marathon coming up.

Cross country season started. I began my 5th year of coaching.

I kept trying to grow pumpkins and I really got into the fall spirit.


In early October I ran 20 miles with Hollie. I also sprained my ankle walking out the front door.

In late October I ran another 20 miles with Lyndsey.

My pumpkin patch was coming along nicely.

On Halloween I gave out candy and my front light was out.


In November I was counting down the moments until I didn’t have to run anymore. I have never hated running as much as I did in November. I couldn’t wait for the marathon to be over. Every run in November was pure agony.

I ran the bridge run for the 6th year in a row after flying back from Colorado the night before.

Just before the marathon we decided to move to Colorado.

I spent another weekend selling sparkly soul headbands at the Philadelphia Marathon expo. Then I ran the race. It was an extremely windy day, but I was pleased with how I did. I ran 3:30:24.

After the marathon I ran 1 more time in November at a group run.

On Thanksgiving we cooked a turkey and I stayed up until 3am to watch the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. I had been waiting for this all year.


December wasn’t as festive as it normally is because we spent a lot of the month focusing on our upcoming move and packing.

We watched a lot of Christmas movies, had our annual holiday party, and I dressed like an elf.

I finally took both cats to the vet and I started running again.


2 thoughts on “2016

  1. I love that you dreamed of the mountains this summer and now you are moving to Colorado. Even if 2016 didn’t go as you wanted, you had a huge year. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2017!


  2. I cannot believe how fast last year has flown by. I’m going to miss you next year and we will have to hang out before. I think by in large you had a good year and I am so proud of you for finishing strong during your marathon.


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