Miles run & things I’ve done: February 2017


Total miles: 172.5

Total runs: 31

Longest run: 15 miles

Shortest run: several 1 mile runs as I drove across the country with Lyndsey. We ran a mile in each state we drove through.

-I wore my Sunday Runday shirt on a Sunday instead of any of the other days of the week.

-February was a short month, but it was a hectic month.

-In February I finished my internship, I left New Jersey to drive to Colorado, and I ran more than I did in January.

-At the conclusion of February I still haven’t raced in 2017.

-I got another pair of Altra running shoes, the NYC Torin.IMG_7368


-In February I was FINALLY successful! I pet all 5 of my parent’s feral cats!! (Yes petting cats is one way I measure success)

-I did not see my cats, Junior and Ninja, for the entire month of February but Phil sent me plenty of pictures. Ninja made me panic all the way in New Jersey when I received the photo of him on the railing. His name fits him.


-I bought a french press in February. I had been wanting one for a really long time and I finally found one on sale.

-I acquired 3 new coffee mugs; they were all gifts.

-I decided that I want to learn how to make designs in my coffee like they do at coffee shops……I have been unsuccessful. I decided to photograph the designs the baristas made in my coffee so I can study them.

-I spilled coffee all over myself multiple times.

-I also drank much more coffee than I have pictured below.

Other things

-I sent a lot of mail and used my Colorado address for the return address so I could learn my zip code.

-I started keeping a gratitude journal again.

-I baked really good mint cookies.

-I got really mad at Mother Nature for being inconsistent.

-I watched a lot of crime documentaries.

-Lyndsey and I left for Colorado and drove for 3 days straight. This deserves its own post though.

-I said good riddance to Shop Rite and all of the New Jersey traffic.

-I had to pump gas when I crossed the New Jersey state line into Pennsylvania and beyond.

-I didn’t blog a lot because life got in the way, but don’t worry I’ll be making up for that in March!



2 thoughts on “Miles run & things I’ve done: February 2017

  1. I love your new shoes… those are so awesome! I’ve never tried Altra or the Zero Drop, minus just trying them on at a wear test, but I think they’d be GREAT for squats or gym (not sure my calves could handle running in them). That is so fun that you ran a mile in each state on your cross country drive too.

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