I no longer struggle with dry, knotty runner hair: Herbal Essences Biorenew Products

The longer my hair gets the knottier it gets. It seems like the more I run the more tangled it becomes. I once ran a track race and my hair got attached to the number sticker on my shirt. It wasn’t a fun post race experience. Not only did I have to carefully remove the sticker, I had knots throughout my ponytail from sweating. My thick, heavy hair frizzed up as it swayed back and forth while I ran 3 kilometers worth of laps around a humid indoor track. This was back in 2014, and then I cut my hair off and donated it. Life was easier after that but I actually prefer my hair longer and I only choose to cut it when it gets really long in hopes that my hair donation will help others.

I last cut my hair 15 months ago so it is getting really long again and it frizzes and knots in humidity and when I sweat a lot. I haven’t even had a trim. Aside from being a tangled mess, my hair is healthy. I don’t use heat on it, I don’t put products in my hair except for washing and conditioning it in the shower, and I have only used a hair dryer 3 times in the last year. Honestly, I wasn’t really concerned with the knots in my hair post run. I always just combed them out and moved on. I thought this was part of being a long haired distance runner. Then, I moved to Colorado. During part one of my move (the first cross-country road trip to the new house) I realized my hair was super dry from the hotel water, cheap shampoos and conditioners, and the altitude change. I remember tweeting about the hotel water drying out my hair.


I was surprised when Herbal Essences contacted me and offered to send me their biorenew rosemary and herbs shampoo and conditioner. After using these products for a few days when I was in Colorado I noticed an immediate difference. My hair felt less dry and it was less tangled! Because of my complicated moving situation, I had to return to New Jersey [by plane] shortly after getting my biorenew products. I wasn’t able to take my new shampoo and conditioner with me so I purchased the passion flower & rice milk blend when I got back to New Jersey.

As a runner, I wash my hair a lot because it gets really gross. Frequent hair washing isn’t healthy for hair. I didn’t realize how dry my hair was until I started using these products and I saw the difference. Since trying these products my hair has also been less knotty. The biorenew products are made up of a blend of antioxidants, aloe, and sea kelp. I’ve never noticed the ingredients of my shampoos and conditioners in the past, but I am sure that they play a huge role in the quality of the products. My attraction to these products didn’t come from the ingredients though, it came from the Herbal Essences story on the website. Any product that aims to inspire woman to be true to who they are is a product that I support.

The following is an exact quote from the Herbal Essences website:

“Herbal Essences was born into nature with a free spirit and a joyful heart. Our bohemian roots still have the power to inspire young women today. Because there will always be women who aspire to a unique and authentic beauty that can only come from a closeness to nature and a true sense of self. Herbal is not about problems, but the freedom to immerse herself in nature & indulge in the thrill of letting go for a little moment of joy.”

After a few weeks Herbal Essences offered to send me the arabica & coffee fruit shampoo and conditioner. Its no secret that I LOVE coffee so I was particularly excited about these. The arabica & coffee fruit is definitely my favorite because I love the scent!!!


My hair and I love these products, can you tell???

Do you have issues with tangled, knotty, runner hair??

What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?

Have you tried Herbal Essences Biorenew products?

2 thoughts on “I no longer struggle with dry, knotty runner hair: Herbal Essences Biorenew Products

  1. Arribaca and Coffee shampoo? SIgn me up…

    I think it’s awesome that the Herbal Essences company saw your tweet and reached out to you to offer you the products. As if moving across the country isn’t stressful enough, you had to worry about your hair being dried out from hotel water (which I agree- the cheap shampoos in hotels and the weird water DO make a negative impact on our hair!). That’s a really nice thing for them to do and makes me want to find this shampoo now. Glad the move went well and the shampoos are still working out great for you.

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