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Miles run & things I’ve done: March 2017


Total miles: 184.5

Total runs: 27

Longest run: 16 miles

Shortest run: 3 miles

-March began with the conclusion of a road trip from New Jersey to Colorado and a run in Frisco with Lyndsey.

-March brought me 2 new running friends

-I realized that running at altitude has its challenges

-March took me up mountains and hills

-March lead me to more trails than I’ve ever run before

-March brought me a hydration pack, a flip belt, a new pair of Altra King MT trail shoes, my Altra Ambassador gear kit, new SOLE ATHLETICA lace tags, and my Boston Marathon Runner PassportIMG_7773.JPG

(you can read about why I love Sole Athletica lace tags here)

-In March I charged my Garmin so often that it didn’t shut off during a run once, and I plugged it into the computer!


-The cats got some new toys in the mail from our friend Lauren and her 2 adorable black cats

-Ninja saw a mountain

-Both cats spent time in the windows and by the front door trying to catch glimpses of the pretty neighbor cat

-I saw a few cats while running and 2 cats while hiking with Phil

-My cats were pleased we received a few packages so they had boxes to play in

-Junior played Catopoly with us


-I discovered a bakery a few blocks from my house that has amazing Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee

-I have been attempting to make froth designs in my coffee

-I’ve acquired ZERO new coffee mugs

-Lauren also sent me Wawa coffee in the mail!

-I went to 2 coffee shops in the area in addition to the local bakery

Mountains & Trails

-I’m in love with these views

-We saw a beautiful rainbow

Other things

-I arrived at my new house in Colorado

–Lyndsey went back to New Jersey and I was sad

-I watched all 4 seasons of Everwood before switching back to Gilmore Girls

-I learned that everything I bake will go flat until I learn how to bake at altitude (Mom please help!!!!)

-I was unable to get a Colorado drivers license because my birth certificate is not valid. I had to order a new birth certificate from New Jersey. I can assure you that this saga will continue well into May….

-I got a library card that says “find your trail”

-I found a bookstore that has a pet cat!!

– Phil and I went on 2 hikes: Hanging Lake Trail and Mega Hike (blog post to come)

-We listened to Mozart on record

-I submitted my research proposal again with hope that I will be able to begin my research project in April

-I realized how much I miss coaching 😦

-I learned the difference between a summit or mountain peak and a mesa

-I learned that you should always bring a jacket when you go somewhere in Colorado

-Squirrels were running around on our roof!



3 thoughts on “Miles run & things I’ve done: March 2017

  1. I’m glad you are loving Colorado but I still miss you a lot! I’m looking forward to hanging out this month. I cannot imagine the adjustment to running at altitude!

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