Hiking Colorado

Hiking Colorado: The Colorow Trail & Mt. Medaris Trail AKA Mega Hike

A few weeks ago Phil and I decided to go for a hike, but rather than just picking one trail we picked 2 main trails and a few other small trails. All of the trails were within walking distance of each other so we walked from trail to trail and then hiked the trails. In total we walked/hiked 12 miles that day. After Mega Hike we realized that there were more efficient ways to get from trail to trail. We probably could have cut 2 miles off of Mega Hike had we planned our route out better.

We began our hike on The Colorow trail, which is approximately 3 miles long. This is actually the second time I’ve been on this trail. The first time was with Lyndsey after our road trip and the trail was very muddy. My experience during Mega Hike was much more pleasant because my feet weren’t sinking into the ground and I wasn’t slipping on snow. The trail was very clear except for an animal bone…..IMG_7977.JPGI decided to break in my new hydration pack during Mega Hike and I am giving it an A+!

The Colorow Trail has a turn off point halfway through that takes you to a scenic overlook, so we checked that out. IMG_7968.JPGIMG_7976.JPGWe eventually stopped looking down at the town, continued on The Colorow Trail, and saw a cat hopping through tall grass as we walked through a neighborhood toward The Mt. Medaris Trail. Because the cat had a bell on its collar and I am who I am, I named the cat Jingle and I attempted to catch it. I didn’t catch the cat.

We took a really long way to get to The Mt. Medaris Trail, but eventually we got there. This part of Mega Hike was more of a walk than a hike. The Mt. Medaris Trail is just over a mile long and it is very very steep, especially on the way down. I’m not a fan of going downhill, even with my walking stick. Not only is this trail steep on the downhill, some parts of it are right on the edge of the mountain. IMG_7937.JPG

The view is incredible though!!


IMG_7989.JPGWe safely made it down the Mt. Medaris Trail and continued to walk on a single track trail over to some smaller trails before we ended up on Main Street where we saw a second cat and had dinner in town.

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