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Miles run & things I’ve done: April 2017


Total miles: 120.7

Total runs: 18

Longest run: 26.2 miles

Shortest run: 3 miles

Races: 2

The Grand River Gallop 5k (20:41)


The Boston Marathon 

IMG_8082 2

-April is such a blur to me. I felt like I blinked and it was May. April is such a blur that I am relying on twitter to help me recall everything that I did.

-My milage plummeted in April because I traveled quite a bit and I ran the Boston Marathon. Since running Boston, I have not felt well at all. I had the usual post marathon soreness, but I also had a severe throat infection and swollen glands. I had to take an antibiotic for 10 days and that caused stomach problems. I have felt completely run down and exhausted every single day for the last few weeks.

-I ran a few trail runs in April. During one run I forgot my watch and I realized I had soap in my handheld water bottle. I also named this run “Bullets and Beer Cans” because that is what I saw along the trail.

-I’ve been tracking down coaching jobs (see what I did there) to apply to because I get really homesick when I think about how I have no team to coach.

-In April I ran in Colorado, New Jersey & Massachusetts.

-I did not run alone once in April.

-I visited Sneakers & Spokes while I was in New Jersey, but I was unable to attend a group run because I was sick. IMG_8101.JPG


-My cats were sad because I was away from home for 12 days, but they were super loving when I returned!

-I got to spend a few days visiting the feral cat farm (AKA my parent’s backyard) while I was in New Jersey. 2 new cats arrived since I was last home!

-Ninja thought spaghetti was a toy and continuously tried to put his paw in a pot of boiling water!

-Ninja also decided he wanted to sleep in my backpack.

-Junior spent a lot of time sleeping under the covers after I made the bed. I don’t know how he gets under there but he does!


-I bought a new coffee mug while I was in Boston and I wouldn’t drink out of it until I finished the marathon.

-I visited Endgrain while I was in New Jersey.

-I drank a lot of coffee here in Colorado at the the local coffee shops, I just didn’t photograph it.

-One of our coffee mugs also broke during the month of April! It’s a good thing we have plenty of extras!

-I started spending my $1 coins on coffee.


Other things

-I ordered a new dish drying rack for our kitchen. This was the best purchase I made during the month of April.


-Phil and I practiced boomeranging.

-TSA stopped me at the airport because my water bottle looked sharp. I flew to Utah to fly to New Jersey and then drove to Boston with Meghan and Rob and then went back to New Jersey.

-Phil and I attended a wedding. I got blisters from the heels I wore at the wedding and not from running the marathon, thanks Altra!

-I worked at the Sparkly Soul booth at the Boston Marathon and I came home with a few new headbands!

-I found $40 blowing across the street in Boston.

-I visited Hollie at work and we went to a diner!

-I concluded that my masters thesis is much more challenging than running the Boston Marathon.

-One day I woke up at my parent’s house to Christmas music playing and cookies!

-There was a lot of traffic in New Jersey. I didn’t miss that.

-The mountains are starting to look greener.

-I had the BEST nachos I’ve ever had at a local restaurant one night for dinner.

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