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Miles run and things I’ve done: June 2017


Total miles: 105.1 miles

Total runs: 24

Longest run: 12.6 miles

Shortest run: 2 miles

Races: 0

-I don’t remember most of the runs I did in June and I am actually shocked that I ran at all. My own running hasn’t been a priority lately even though I have obviously been running. I spent most of June starting my coaching business and starting a running club in my town. Both have been going extremely well! I guess you could say that June was the month I spent focusing on everyone else’s running rather than my own and I am satisfied with that. I’d rather be a great coach and leader in my sport than a great athlete. I get much more satisfaction from seeing and helping other runners succeed than I do from my own success in running.


-Lots of cat naps this month, even for me.



-I am still obsessed with whipped cream in my coffee


-In addition to starting a business, a running club, and an internship I started working full time. I went from having nothing to do to having so much to do overnight.
-I took my last final for grad school and I only have 2 internships and finishing my thesis left
-I started collecting data for my thesis
-I wore a patriotic outfit for flag day
-Twitter did a stupid mobile update and I HATE it!
-Phil bought me Kaboom, my favorite cleaning product! I am very excited about this!
-I looked at so many mountains that I lost count!

2 thoughts on “Miles run and things I’ve done: June 2017

  1. I don’t like the new twitter update either. I think there’s a desktop update too because I’ve noticed a few changes and I’m not a fan. I’m glad you had a good month of running even if your mileage was lower- at least you spent it helping others with running and you weren’t lower mileage due to injuries or being sick.

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