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Miles run & things I’ve done: July 2017


Total miles: 121 miles

Total runs: 23

Longest run: 16 miles

Shortest run: 1 mile

Races: 1

Hogback Hustle 

-My running is still inconsistent. I have no real focus or goal right now. I had thought about running a fall marathon if my summer running went well but I quickly abandoned that thought. I’ve opted not to run another marathon or seriously train for any race until I am completely finished with graduate school. I’ve been running about 30 miles per week and not stressing myself over mileage, pace, or racing.


-In July I was able to speak to high school kids at a Nike cross-country camp. This was the highlight of my summer so far. Everything I am doing right now was influenced by a speaker at a cross-country camp I attended in high school. This was a very cyclical experience.



-We celebrated Junior’s arrival day. He’s been our cat for 7 years!!



-July is my birthday month so we went to the Frisco mountain track

-My business cards arrived!

-Phil’s family came to visit and we rafted, toured a cave and castle, rode a roller coaster & biked through the caverns

-4th of July was a huge let down for me because I LOVE fireworks and they were canceled. We had a wildfire on a local mountain range and a fire ban was placed on our county. The fireworks were canceled.

-We drove through Independence Pass and then spent some time in Leadville for the cross-country camp

3 thoughts on “Miles run & things I’ve done: July 2017

  1. I’m glad things are working out for you there and super proud of you for speaking to the XC kids. Even if your own running hasn’t been super consistent or high mileage, you are helping influence the next generation, and sometimes that is more important. Nothing wrong with running shorter distances or races rather than marathons.

    It rained here on July 4 so we didn’t have a lot of fireworks either… disappointing!

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