New Year, New Goals

In the past I’ve written about setting goals rather than resolutions because I think setting a properly structured goal is much more effective than just resolving to do something, or not do something. Though I don’t think goals, or resolutions if you prefer that term, need to be set on January 1st the 1st of the year does bring a fresh start for most people. Goals can be set any day, any time and they can be adjusted as necessary. 

When I think back over the last year [2017] I am reminded of how much change I experienced and how many obstacles I’ve been faced with, but mostly I am thankful for the wonderful opportunities that I’ve had over the last year. Though it wasn’t at all like I envisioned it to be, 2017 was the year that everything changed. With drastic change we sometimes lose focus. When we are faced with challenges we sometimes lose focus. When presented with new opportunities we sometimes lose focus. Having clearly defined goals can help us focus on the things that are most important to us.

In 2018 I am not going to be moving across the country, looking for a job, looking for internships, trying to finish my classes, trying to get my research approved, or running at 10pm. My focus has narrowed and I have a few major goals for 2018.

2018 GOALS


  1. Graduate: I’ve been in graduate school for entirely too long and I NEED to graduate. It should have happened at least 3 times now, but here I am STILL working toward this elusive degree in sport psychology. With 16 internship hours remaining, an oral exam, and a thesis that is almost finished if I don’t graduate in early 2018 someone just needs to push me off a mountain.
  2. Finish my thesis: I’ve been working on my thesis since April of 2015. I’m almost done aside from some organizational errors and lack of depth in my results/conclusion. If I don’t finish my thesis in the next month someone just needs to push me off a mountain.
  3. Run another marathon: I made a deal with a friend that if she qualified for Boston 2019 I’d go back to Boston and run it with her. She qualified! Unfortunately, my BQs are all expired and I have to run another marathon and qualify by sometime in September.
  4. Hike Mount Sopris: Mount Sopris is one of the pretties mountains I’ve seen in Colorado and I’ve wanted to hike it since we moved last year. This summer I am planning to finally do it once all of the snow melts.
  5. Learn to snowshoe this winter
  6. Enroll in a coffee subscription



What are your 2018 goals?




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