Miles run and things I’ve done: January 2018


Total miles: 81 miles

Total runs: 23

Longest run: 5 miles

Shortest run: 2 miles

Races: 0

-Running in January has been great! My mileage may not be high and my runs may not be long, but this is progress because I was injured for most of August-December with 2 different injuries. After an injury it is important to build mileage slowly. During the last week of January my weekly mileage was 20. I’ve been very cautious with increasing mileage, maybe a little bit too cautious. My achilles is feeling great and my runs are feeling great! There is no need to rush back into training right now when that is how I got hurt [both times] in the first place. Running like I desire will not be possible until I finish graduate school. Being in graduate school [still] has made training extremely difficult and at this point I am just being realistic for a few more weeks until I finish.

-For Christmas Phil got me a new Garmin watch. It has been perfect coming back from an injury because almost every run is a new record!

-I got an email welcoming me to the 2018 Altra Red Team! This is year 3 with Altra!

-I got new shoes! The Altra Timp and the Altra Superior 3.5. I love the colors!IMG_0950.JPG



-The cats were well behaved while we were out of town for the holidays, except for Junior hiding under the covers and causing our friend to worry while we were away. Eventually she found him.

-The cats were just super cute all month long.



-I had lots of Endgrain coffee in New Jersey and came home with 4 bags of Endgrain coffee beans.

-I had coffee at the Rocky Mountain Coffee Co. in Frisco.

-I’ve been using my new coffee bean grinder that Phil got me for Christmas.

-I also won some Endgrain coffee on Instagram!

Other things

-On the last day of January I finished my internship!

-I’ve been testing out a pair of OS1ST compression foot sleeves to help with my post run recovery since I’ve tendonitis. I really like them! I’ll write more about that later.

-We had a frustrating flight home from New Jersey, but there was a cat on our flight .

-I’ve been to Frisco 3 times in January…I think. Frisco is my favorite place in the whole world so this is very significant!

-We went for 1 snow walk because it has barely been snowing here.

-We went for 1 snow hike because it has barely been snowing here.

-I started making homemade salsa and it is delicious.

-I got 2 new EOS lip balms.

-I signed up to run the Revel Mount Charleston 1/2 marathon in Las Vegas at the end of April with my best friend from high school.

-I committed to running Ragnar Snowmass with some local friends in June.

-Phil and I went to see snow sculptures in Breckenridge and got frustrated by all of the tourists.


One thought on “Miles run and things I’ve done: January 2018

  1. I love your new shoes and am so glad running is going well for you. Hooray for Altra having you as an ambassador for them even though you have been through some tough times with running. I hope your marathon training for April goes well and have heard that is a steep downhill race, but glad you will be able to run it and share it with a friend.


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