Miles run and things I’ve done: February 2018


Total miles: 117.3 miles

Total runs: 26

Longest run: 8 miles

Shortest run: 1 mile

Races: 0

-Running has gotten more consistent over the last few weeks but things have continued to move slowly. I’ve been erring on the side of caution as I increase my long runs just to make sure that I don’t create any unwanted pain in my achilles. So far I am feeling good and I am really excited to continue building a solid base since I have a few races planned for the spring.

-Part of my Altra gear kit came!


-I also won a Koala clip on Instagram so I have a way to carry my cell phone when I run!

IMG_1059 2



-The cats have been enjoying the new bed we got for our guest room

-Junior has been helping me with my thesis–no I am still not finished my thesis

-Junior was confused why we had flowers in the house and not a Christmas tree

-Ninja was very loving


-I got more Endgrain coffee!

– I acquired a new coffee mug, it’s getting rave reviews!

-I finally made froth with my new frother!

Other things

-I went snow shoeing!





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