Miles run & things I’ve done: April 2018


Total miles: 107 miles

Total runs: 21

Longest run: 13.1 miles

Shortest run: 1 mile

Races: 2

Grand River Gallop 


April was kind of an off month. I was trail running more frequently to prepare for Ragnar Snowmass and the trails aggravated my achilles quite a bit. I had to back off for a while to make sure that I didn’t reinjure myself. It was completely worth it. My left achilles is a bit weaker since having tendonitis so I’ve had to really focus on doing strengthening exercises and avoid excessive trail running, especially back to back days of trail running. Phil has been running with me a lot, my coworkers and I have been running during lunch, and our Ragnar team has been meeting for longer runs on Sundays. Lately, I haven’t had to run alone much.


-Phil and I went to the bookstore that has a pet cat. No, we did not bring Ninja to the bookstore this black cat just lives there!


– As usual, Ninja was mischievous and Junior was sweet. Ninja was not pleased I had a duffle bag near the door and he was protesting.



-I got to drink Endgrain coffee all month long! That 5 pound bag was so worth it!

Other things

-I brushed up on my boomeranging skills

-I lost count of how many hershey bars and dove chocolates I snacked on in April

-Colorado was/is extremely windy

-I ordered a GOALden Peak Performance racing shirt!

-I did not finish my thesis, but I really think that will happen soon

-We did trail maintenance on the Running Club adopted trail




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