Miles run & things I’ve done: May & June 2018


Total miles: MAY 127 miles/JUNE 119 miles

Total runs: MAY 27/JUNE 24

Longest run: MAY 8 miles/JUNE 8.5 miles

Shortest run: MAY 1 mile/June 3 miles


Silt Hobble 5k (5/5/18)

Girls on the Run 5k (5/12/18)

Run for their lives 5k (6/2/18)

Ragnar Snowmass (6/8-6/9)

May and June were extremely stressful months for me. Running was not a priority even though I ran some races. Sadly, the races I ran have almost been forgotten about. During May and June I was frantically trying to finish my thesis so that I could finally graduate. Finishing my thesis was the ONLY thing I was completely focused on. May and June were a blur. I spent time running and doing other things but I don’t really remember much. I’d never want to go back and do those months again. It’s been rough. There were a lot of runs I quit or didn’t start in May and June, it happens sometimes. I’ve moved on. I’m moving forward more focused because I have more time to dedicate to training again (finally)!!

In early May my Altra Red Team gear kit arrived, Junior liked it as much as I did! I ran at Snowmass Village 2x, once with our Ragnar team and once with Lyndsey and Josh when they were here visiting. In June Running Club celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I was also winning a 5k in June and then I got lost…..another story for another day. We ran Ragnar in June and I was less than happy the entire time. It was either hot as hell or as cold as the arctic, there was not one moment of a comfortable temperature and I was complaining a lot due to pure misery. I don’t remember Ragnar being like that when I did it last year, granted it was in a completely different location.

Toward the end of June I FINALLY finished graduate school and Phil and I went to Europe, where we did some international runs.


I got a new pair of Altra Torins! The new knit ones!





-Assistant Coach Junior helps make training plans now too!

IMG_1465 2


-While in Europe I drank a lot of coffee and cappuccino! I was even lucky enough to find a pumpkin spice latte in June!!




Now that I am done graduate school I plan to spend more time blogging, running, and coaching. It’s been a really long journey but I finally made it to the other side and I am excited to see what happens next!

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