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Miles run & things I’ve done: July 2018


Total miles: 163.6 miles

Total runs: 26

Longest run: 12.5 miles

Shortest run: 1 mile

Races: 1

Hogback Hustle 5k 21:25

July began in Paris! Phil and I woke up early to beat the crowds and we ran to the Eiffel tower. It was so beautiful that I still can’t believe that was real life.  After Paris, we went to London and ran to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

Running internationally was really great. We were able to see so many things just because our feet could take us there. We walked or ran everywhere.

I was exhausted the day after we got home so I decided not to run. I slept, hung out with the cats, and watched Gilmore Girls. It was also my birthday. The next day I went for an adventure run with some friends. Even though traveling was fun it was great to be home in Colorado where every run can be an adventure.

Even though I ran while we were in Europe I had intentionally backed off running so we could enjoy vacation. I had no goals for my runs in Europe, I just ran because I wanted to. It was exactly what I needed to do so that I could focus and build a solid base of miles when we got back home. Running in July went extremely well.



I also got some new shoes in July, Altra shoes of course!





The cats missed us terribly while we were away. We were gone for 2 weeks and they were so excited when we got home. They are still following me around the house.




And of course I drank a lot of coffee in Europe! I even found a peppermint mocha latte, but that was in my town!

Other things

-Hollie came to Colorado! It was the best weekend and I didn’t want her to leave. I hope the powers of the internet send her back to Colorado soon.

-I cut 5 or 6 inches off my hair because there was a giant knot in it and my hair was just out of control. It’s more manageable now.

-I volunteered at the kids mud run in town. I was in charge of the balance beam obstacle.

-A group of us hiked Mount Sopris. This was one of my goals for 2018. This got me thinking about New Year’s resolutions…are those still relevant during the summer?????


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