Altra Red Team: Year 4

Yesterday I checked my email and discovered that I have been chosen to represent Altra again for the 2019 calendar year!

At the end of each year current team members need to reapply for acceptance onto Altra’s Red Team, formerly known as the Altra Ambassador program. I’ve been fortunate enough to make the team the last 4 years! Waiting to see if I’ve made the team again each time is almost as stressful as when I was waiting to see if I got into graduate school, but not quite that stressful.

My love for Altra begin in August of 2015 when my toes kept bleeding and I kept getting blisters on my feet during long runs. I had tried several different kinds of shoes but nothing was working. Then, I googled shoes that won’t make my feet bleed and stumbled upon Altra. I decided to give them a try and I immediately found success with the brand. I have been running in Altra shoes ever since!!!

If you are not familiar with the brand, Altra is a zero drop shoe with a foot shaped toe box. You can learn more about Altra here!

I love the Altra community, especially sharing a spot on the Altra Red Team with my good friend, Lyndsey. I love knowing that I can make connections with amazing runners all over the country because of our shared love for running. I love knowing that I have the support of a brand that I 100% believe in as I chase my running goals!

Thank you, Altra, for another year of opportunities and adventures!

Altras through the years

4 thoughts on “Altra Red Team: Year 4

  1. Congrats! That’s really awesome. I’m kinda jealous actually. 🙂

    Altra The One v2.5 is probably the best shoe I’ve ever raced in. They are magical. I’ve been hesitant to race in zero drop since tearing my Achilles, but I’m working my way back to them. It was basketball’s fault.

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