Miles run & things I’ve done: February 2019


Total miles: 157.5

Total runs: 28

Longest run: 12 miles

Shortest run: 2 miles

Races: N/A

I am thankful that February has come to an end because we are now closer to the spring and closer to being warm. The last few morning runs I’ve done have ended with the sun rising, so I know spring is coming. Even though February is the shortest month of the year it seems like it’s the longest month for running. Cold, snowy, dark runs are not fun. I backed off the mileage a bit at the end of the month because I wasn’t very motivated to freeze for long periods of time. We have had some terribly wet days. One morning I was about a mile from home when icy snowflakes started falling from the sky and pelting me in the eyes. It tore one of my contacts. Then, there was a day when I outsmarted the weather by running at lunch when the temperature rose and the sun came out. On Valentine’s Day morning Phil and I went for a snowy love run by the river.



The cats are really looking forward to spring so they can get in some quality bird watching. They are also anxiously waiting for us to get a new glass door so they can keep an eye on things outside. Ninja also enjoys playing with soap bubbles in the kitchen sink.



Phil and I had a coffee date at the laundry mat while we washed a huge blanket. I’ve mostly been drinking coffee out of a travel mug so it won’t turn to ice as soon as I pour it.


Other things

I started working on a new project that I am really excited about and spent a lot of time watching Gilmore Girls. February was a short, uneventful month.

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