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Miles run & things I’ve done: March 2019


Total miles: 158

Total runs: 31

Longest run: 10 miles

Shortest run: 1 mile

Races: Sequoia Glen 5k

March was wonderful because we had daylight savings time and Running Club started again! I did some hill repeats up a super steep hill in town.

IMG_3111 I felt exhausted and sluggish the entire month from my running streak. I didn’t run as much or as well as I would have liked to because I was running on no rest, but still it was a solid month of running.

I also got some new Altra road shoes and walking shoes! IMG_9619

We had some warm days, we had some cold days. I ran in rain, wind, snow, and sunshine. March was very marchish.


The cats were very cute in March. They were very photogenic, very cuddly, Ninja was very curious as always, and Junior still had his winter coat.


Every weekend when we go out to breakfast I try to get this mug, and in March I got it! One day in March I wore a white jacket and made it the entire day without spilling coffee on it–that is a huge win! My mom also sent me 3 bags of Endgrain coffee!


Other things

-I found name brand Nutella at the grocery store for the first time ever and I haven’t seen it since! It was a really special day.

-We walked home with our friends one night and saw the giant worm moon

-Phil and I went to brunch and I thought I ordered some kind of breakfast skillet or omelette but I accidentally ordered a breakfast pizza because I wasn’t paying attention. It was a delicious mistake.


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