My name is Angela. I am distance runner, a running coach, a self proclaimed dream chaser & a believer in serendipity. I was born and raised in southern New Jersey but I now call the Colorado mountains home.


I started blogging in August of 2014 for no other reason than I woke up one day and I felt compelled to.

I love running, coffee, shopping when I find a sale, lip balm, ribbon, bows, cats, cat statues, sparkly soul headbands, wool socks, nail polish, Altra running shoes, zebra print, scarves, Hello Kitty, bright colors, plain Hershey bars, Nutella, coffee mugs, hiking, french fries, nachos, wearing running clothes under dresses, holidays–especially Christmas, mountain views, candles, shirts with thumb holes, polka dots & stripes, walking around small towns, motivational quotes, collecting sea shells, tweeting, eating breakfast for dinner, and staring at nature. I watch Gilmore Girls over and over again, I rarely do laundry, I often have insomnia, and I am usually oblivious to pop culture references.



The Road Less Run is a blog about running, self-reflection, and the process of achieving life long goals. The content this blog includes, but is not limited to, stories about running, race recaps, running with friends, drinking coffee, life with cats, hiking in Colorado, advocating for women in sports, coaching, poetry, and a journey through graduate school.

I am always available to chat via email at TheRoadLessRunBlog@gmail.com. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

*I will happily partner with companies/review products that are relevant to The Road Less Run. I write with honesty and integrity and I will NOT accept prewritten product reviews. All of the opinions and content on The Road Less Run are my own.

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