Never Quit

I've been running consistently for a few weeks now and my achilles is feeling almost normal. To clarify, my current definition of consistent running is slow and steady. Once my achilles stopped hurting 24/7 and I was able to walk without pain I did a few 1 mile runs. In mid December I began with… Continue reading Never Quit


New Year, New Goals

In the past I've written about setting goals rather than resolutions because I think setting a properly structured goal is much more effective than just resolving to do something, or not do something. Though I don't think goals, or resolutions if you prefer that term, need to be set on January 1st the 1st of… Continue reading New Year, New Goals


March Goals

Now that March is 1/3 of the way over, I'll post my March Goals. Running Run 1 race Do at least 3 track workouts Build my mileage back up to the mid 40s (2nd attempt) Organization  Declutter the closet in my office, the desk drawers, and file cabinet (2nd attempt) Declutter crawspace Clean out the… Continue reading March Goals