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Christmas Trees, Stories & Love!!!!!!

Christmas trees say a lot about people, they hold a lot of history, and they tell stories. They don't hold history just because they are chopped down when they are many years old, but because the family that they belong to decorates them in their own unique way that always brings stories to the surface. My Christmas tree… Continue reading Christmas Trees, Stories & Love!!!!!!

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Friendship is a door: the 6 different types of friendships

The open door friend The open door friend will walk in and out of your life whenever they feel like it. They will walk in purely out of convenience and leave purely out of convenience. For some reason the door to this friendship never closes even though it's not ideal. These friendships keep life interesting.… Continue reading Friendship is a door: the 6 different types of friendships

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How you know you have found your “soulmate”

I often get asked the question, "how do you know when you have found true love?" I assume people ask me this question because I got married but I honestly don't know. I find this question to be overwhelming and I usually can't explain the answer when I'm put on the spot because it's a… Continue reading How you know you have found your “soulmate”

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Fabulous fall–XC & Friendship

I've always loved fall because it's a beautiful season--the most beautiful in my opinion. It's also cross country season and I've always loved cross country! All of my best and closest fiends are people I met running cross country or running in general. The 8-10 weeks that make up xc season are the definition of… Continue reading Fabulous fall–XC & Friendship