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Fabulous fall–XC & Friendship

I've always loved fall because it's a beautiful season--the most beautiful in my opinion. It's also cross country season and I've always loved cross country! All of my best and closest fiends are people I met running cross country or running in general. The 8-10 weeks that make up xc season are the definition of… Continue reading Fabulous fall–XC & Friendship

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Why am I doing this????– A (Semi)live blog

This will be a (semi)live blog starting with my run tonight(Thursday). [sidenote:I was at work before 8:30am this morning and left at 8:40pm] I do this because I have too a few weeks out of the year, it's part of my job, but also because I have the compulsive need to make sure I am… Continue reading Why am I doing this????– A (Semi)live blog