Workout recap–running in the fog

No surprise…I did a workout last night. Tuesday seems to be the normal workout day lately. Before I go any further I want to establish that this was the workout we were supposed to do last week and the workout we did last week was supposed to be done this week. Yeah, I didn’t know what day or week it was last week, or I was overly stressed and confused, or I’m just a fool. Any and all of those probably apply. It was awesome to not have to do that workout today though.

Today’s workout was definitely a lot easier and more enjoyable. I met my teammate around 8:30pm to do the workout and it was a little bit foggy. I noticed a slight fog on my way to the workout but I didn’t think much of it because fog happens. We warmed up rather quickly. Our typical 10 minute warmup loop took less time than it normally does. I guess we were just really excited we didn’t have to do the Michigan workout. I didn’t look at my watch or break my focus the whole time except for when we saw a cat on the track. I love cats so seeing one during a workout was pretty awesome. The cat even ran half a lap with us before scurrying off into the woods. It seemed foggier after the first rep and the fog was wet. It was creepy and it reminded me of that Stephen King movie “The Mist”. That movie freaked me out, like most horror movies do, and now heavy fog makes me nervous and scared. We ran more reps into this heavy fog and I was so thankful that I was not alone. I had a random thought during the workout–What did people do before watches were invented, how did people time their workouts? I think it got even worse as the workout went on but it could just be my imagination. Aside from the fog I would say that the workout went well. Oddly enough halfway through my drive home the fog disappeared and the roads were crystal clear.

2400-9:04 800s-2:53, 2:52, 2:50 200s-37, 38, 38, 35

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