Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday– the time I ran across an island 

In November of 2012 I ran across ocracoke island in the outterbanks of North Carolina. Phil and I decided to go on vacation after cross country season ended and he found this cute little cabin on ocracoke island, home of the ocracats. Yes, they have cat colonies all over the island and they call these cats ocracats!! I liked seeing so many cats but I didn’t like how difficult it was to do a long run so one day I ran across the whole island from ferry port to ferry port. It was only 14 miles and basically one very straight road. When I tell this story I may exaggerate a bit, especially to non-runners, and just simply say I RAN ACROSS AN ENTIRE ISLAND FROM END TO END ONCE!!!! People seem impressed by it and think it is an incredible feat when in reality the island is small! I enjoyed vacationing there. Aside from the cats and the ability to run across the island, they have a great coffee shop and lots of beautiful seashells to collect. I would go back and see if I could run across the island twice!!!! 

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