Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday–how I fell in love with coffee 

I always liked the smell of coffee as a child because it reminded me of Christmas morning or dessert time at my grandparents house, but I never drank coffee because I was a kid and kids usually think that coffee tastes bitter and gross–I did anyway. I went all of my life smelling coffee and never drinking it. I even bought a coffee scented candle when I was in college before I started drinking coffee because I loved the scent of coffee so much. That candle was awesome but then one day I was a very very tired college senior. I was also very cold. Instead of getting a hot chocolate at the coffee cart at school that day I ordered a caramel latte. I’m not sure why I did it–it just came out naturally. That was the start of my love affair with coffee. Caramel lattes are so delicious, warm & full of caffeine. I was so cold and tired and caramel lattes were a daily game changer. Soon after that I discovered that I liked any and all coffee, except black coffee which was the kind of coffee I remember tasting as a child. I grew to love coffee more and more and more and then I started working in a place that had a cafe and I went to graduate school. These 2 events simultaneously contributed to a full blown coffee addiction. The older I have gotten the more and more I have fallen in love with coffee. It smells good, it tastes good, it keeps my hands warm, and it makes every morning feel like Christmas. Coffee has also made me a better runner because I run faster so I can enjoy a warm cup of coffee when I finish! ☕️🏃🏽 
I guess you can say that I’ve always felt a connection to coffee, but I never truly loved it until I grew up. 


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