What is this blog?

When people in real life find out that I have a blog they often ask, “what do you blog about?”  I have a difficult time answering this question because, honesty I blog about whatever I feel like. At first glance you may say, “oh it’s a running blog”. It is but then, like this winter, I wasn’t running as avidly as I had been when I started the blog so I wrote about running less and other things more. So for your Friday morning entertainment here is a list of the things I blog about. My blog is basically whatever is bouncing around in my head at the time my fingers hit the keyboard.

1. Race recaps, photos of awards, photos of me running, photos of me with running friends, posts about running, post about running woes, and posts about running triumphs.

2. I am in graduate school so you will get to take that journey with me until sometime in 2017. You’ll get to read all about my progress, struggles, and research.


3. I am a coach, sometimes I talk about that

I love these women

4. Cats

Aren’t they the cutest?!?!?!

5. Coffee     6. Poetry, this year I started writing poems at random so I post those too. I don’t know if they are any good, I’m not a poet but I share them anyway.

7. Throwback Thursday posts, so you get to know what I was like before blogging

8. Belief & gratitude posts because everyone needs to remember to be grateful and appreciate things, myself included

9. Random thoughts, hilarious moments, and occasionally fun facts about me

10. Things I purchase and then take photos of



11. Post about family and friends

12. Sparkly soul headbands, a product I truly love

13. Real life struggles and real life thrills

14. Dreams, aspirations, goals, fate & serendipity

15. Things I don’t remember writing, things I wish I never wrote, things I shared with the world despite feeling insecure, and some of the best things that have ever happened to me. I share why I am who I am and how I got here.

My blog is random but so is life, so am I. My blog is just a website, an electronic memoir, a way to get to know me without ever meeting me, a way to see what my regular life is like on a regular day doing regular things in a runner’s world. It is a place that I dump thoughts and information that my family and friends have already heard 100X! It is, at this point an extension of the clutter in my head and a fun hobby, but if you ask me in real life I will probably just tell you its a running blog to simplify things.

9 thoughts on “What is this blog?

  1. Where is that coffee from and how can I get ahold of it?!!?!?

    In all seriousness, I think your blog should reflect your life and what you enjoy doing. My blog has come through a ton of changes since first starting 4 years ago.

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