Defender Rings

I was recently contacted by Defender Rings for a product review. Reviewing this product excited me because these rings are the most discrete and stylish self defense product I’ve seen! These rings do not look like self defense rings and they can be worn all the time without revealing that they could be used as a means for protection and a way to collect an attackers DNA. I was asked to pick out two rings to wear and review. I chose a ring that looks like a rose with a top that screws off to revel its “thorn” and a ring that has two points that, in my opinion, resemble cat ears! I love cats and my middle name is Rose so these two were the natural choices for me.

I take safety very seriously, especially when I am outside running, hiking, or walking alone. Even though I live in a “safe”, small town, I am very precautious. You never know what can happen. I know my surroundings and feel safe most of the time, however, even in my “safe”, small town I have been followed and harassed, and even in my “safe”, small town I’ve seen bears and other wildlife. Luckily, I’ve never needed to actually defend myself from a bear and I’ve always been able to outrun any human who has been bothering me. I’m confident in my ability to get away, however anything can happen and I feel the need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. I am always looking for new self-defense tools to add to my collection. I have pepper spray, flashlights for night running, self defense key chains, and a way to carry my phone with me while I run or hike. Defender Rings fit into my collection nicely and they are more versatile than any other self defense tool I own. I’ve been wearing these rings daily for the last few weeks. I’ve worn them on runs and walks around town, and while navigating day to day tasks and errands. I’ve received a lot of compliments on how pretty they are also.

Defender Rings make me feel safe. They are my best kept secret! Unlike other self-defense rings they don’t look out of place and no one notices their true purpose unless I tell them!

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