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Belief & Gratitude: Day 1

Yesterday I decided to begin recording positive daily thoughts in my repurposed gratitude Journal. I also started using my Believe Journal to record my runs. I don’t plan to bore the world with my positive thoughts every single day, but I want to post about them from time to time. Tonight I thought I should post my positive thoughts for accountability and as an example of the kind of things I am recording in my gratitude journal incase anyone else was interested in the concept. So here is a list of  positive things from my day:

1. I woke up with a pounding headache but I was thankful that it wasn’t a migraine. I wasn’t throwing up, I was able to go to work, and I could see straight.

2. Today at work a girl was completely nasty to me after I went over and beyond and out of my way to accommodate her, after she left she actually came back to apologize for being so nasty to me when I helped her. I appreciated this because I don’t deserve to be treated horribly, especially when I do something nice for someone else.

3. I ordered a case for my laptop on Friday and today it came. That was quick! Now I don’t have to worry about damaging my computer if I try to take it out of the house!

4. Phil cooked me breakfast for dinner

5. Phil and I went for a walk and we saw a cat!!

6. My headache came back so I took a nap after dinner. I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to run but I ran 3 easy miles on the treadmill anyway because I could have felt worse, I have felt worse. I do not regret running.

7. I was able to finally use my believe journal!

One thought on “Belief & Gratitude: Day 1

  1. I found finding the positive in things made for a better day and experience too. I actually keep a similar style journey and it honestly makes me feel good about myself.


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