Optimistic outlooks

Emotions let us live

Life is full of moments that are strung together by emotions. When you break down each moment you can usually find something really profound, you can find yourself in those moments. Trials and miles and smiles and frowns all mean something if you let them, if you express them, if you are true to yourself, and if you don’t hide in the darkness.

I am proud of the many decisions I’ve made with careful thought and detailed planning, I am more proud of the irrational choices I’ve made, and I am most proud of the few spontaneous decisions I’ve made in my life because they are driven with passion and come from deep within my soul. Don’t get me wrong, I love structure and live by it but it never allows me to climb to the next rung on the ladder. I only become more successful and climb higher when the structure is shattered and the moments are strung together erratically, like a child running around in a frenzy trying to catch a firefly. You don’t know which way the firefly will go and the child chooses which direction to run based on the action of the bug; the child doesn’t think they just react. For that reason they catch the firefly. They do whatever it takes to catch it and in these kinds of moments we find ourselves.

Today I had a bad day. When I have bad days my brain processes thoughts purely on emotion and at those times I am true to myself. Its like I am chasing a firefly, I do whatever it takes to survive or to get where I need to be.

Today I had a bad day. When I have a bad day I react. I react strongly and with no regrets.

Today I had a bad day and I spoke my mind when it was necessary.

Today I had a bad day and I didn’t let people fill my head with mediocre thoughts or opinions, I spoke over them. I spoke over them not because I don’t have respect for others but because I have respect for myself. I know who I am and I don’t have time for people who try to tell me who I should be or who they think I am.

Today I had a bad day and I told the truth because someone has too.

Today I had a bad day so I made decisions that were selfish because no one else will make quality decisions for me.

Today I had a bad day and I didn’t accept that it had to be a bad day because of its less than ideal circumstances.

Today I had a bad day but I had a great night because I let my emotions carry me through the struggles. Just as a child who eventually catches the firefly after running around in circles for hours in the dark finds a way to smile in that moment of exhaustion, a person can find serenity in experiencing a frenzy of emotions because our emotions are who we are. Our emotions free us, they let us thrive, they let us live.

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