Things I learned through running–Part 2 

Part 1

4 truths I leaned from running (or things I believe to be true)

1. You are right now at this very moment experiencing something amazing, remember that. Use every second you have to push yourself to excel. Use every piece of information you’ve gathered to help you prosper. Focus on the talent that is within you and around you. Work with others to find the perfect balance of strength, skill, and confidence. 

2. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t give up. Make sure you follow through. Live each day to its fullest potential. Execute your passion and see it through. You never know when things can change. Tomorrow things may be different. Theses opportunities may not be here tomorrow. 

3. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Sometimes you have to take the chance or you’ll never know. Fear itself is just as dangerous as the things you fear. 

4. Work on improving your weaknesses & focusing on your strengths. Your flaws are part of your character & they make you who you are. Don’t beat yourself up for being you. The things we usually dislike about ourselves are the things other envy, remember that. 

One thought on “Things I learned through running–Part 2 

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