26 things I saw during the Philadelphia Marathon

I’ve already recapped my marathon experience in great detail, but there were a lot of things I saw during the race that I didn’t mention in the original post. So, here is a list of 26 things I saw during the marathon in no particular order:


  1. A girl running in spandex shorts and a sports bra
  2. A sign saying you are almost done! (there were 13 miles to go)
  3. A coffee shop called Saxbys. I could smell the coffee and I really wanted to stop and have some.
  4. Another girl running in a sports bra
  5. The zoo
  6. The leaf that got stuck on my eye
  7. Time standing still each time the wind blew
  8. The 30K mark
  9. Lyndsey as I was leaving Manayunk
  10. Lyndsey’s dad and boyfriend
  11. People giving out beer
  12. People giving out orange slices
  13. People sitting on their front steps in pajamas and blankets while I was freezing
  14. People finishing the race when I still had miles to go
  15. Mile 22 where I thought the race should end or begin to feel easier
  16. People heading to Manayunk while I was heading to the finish! It was so much nicer being on that side of the road
  17. The distance on my watch being 1K behind the whole time
  18. Lots of funny political signs
  19. People cheering because of my patriotic shirt!
  20. A photographer (I know that picture is going to be horrendous)
  21. Cups on the ground at the water stops. I thought about how much money the city of Philadelphia could fine the participants of the race if it were considered littering to throw cups on the ground during a race
  22. Mile 24
  23. People picking up the pace while I was slowing down
  24. Leaves blowing all over the place
  25. Lots of spectators cheering as people finished
  26. Finally, the finish line and lots of dazed and confused finishers

5 thoughts on “26 things I saw during the Philadelphia Marathon

  1. A leaf blew in my face this morning on my run and I immediately thought of your recap and that tidbit of information ;). I bet there were tons of political signs with this being so soon after the election!

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  2. Have you been to Saxbys before? They have a few locations including one in Haddonfield. It’s pretty good coffee. Running in a sports bra and spandex in that weather is mind boggling.


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