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Miles run & things I’ve done: March 2018


Total miles: 131.2 miles

Total runs: 23

Longest run: 14 miles

Shortest run: 2.6 miles

Races: 1

Sequoia Glen 5k

-I chose a difficult race as a first race post injury.

-I went on a Las Vegas running adventure. That particular weekend was unforgettable.

-I had some really great runs, and I had some really horrible runs. Sometimes running is just difficult but that’s okay.

-Running Club started again. That is going really well!


-I can’t believe how cute the cats are.

-Junior is so sophisticated he drinks from a cup and Ninja really wants to do dishes. I have special cats.

-Junior tried to attach a stray cat through the front door.



-My coffee photos were scarce in March, but my consumption of coffee was high!

-Phil and I took a road trip to Las Vegas. We stopped at Denny’s and had coffee on the way home. It was really late at night.

-The highlight of March was ordering a 5 pound bag of coffee from Endgrain! This bag of coffee was so huge I had to buy 2 new coffee canisters to keep it fresh.



Other things

-I passed a huge exam for grad school! had a throat infection the week I had to take my huge oral exam. I had a fever while I was taking that exam. All I have left is the discussion section of my thesis. Hopefully by the time I write Miles run & things I’ve done: April 2018 I’ll be writing “I am finished my graduate program”. You will all just have to be in suspense along with me…..

-I acknowledged that I’ve officially lived in Colorado for 1 whole year.

-I came up with a bunch of great business/marketing ideas that had absolutely zero follow through.

-We had an elementary school come take a tour of our office at work and I read a story to a bunch of kids.

-The weather was really strange all month long. I think winter is over…I don’t know if it ever began…I did get a pair of snow boots on sale though.


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