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Live blogging a snow day

5:39am: missed the calls, emails, voicemails and text messages from the college

7:18am: woke up to my alarm. I don’t have work today because of snow! I wish I took my phone of do not disturb so that I could have shut my alarm off entirely.

Sometime after that: Decided to mock Phil because he has to work

After that: snuggling with kittens to stay warm

10:32am: I should get up but these kittens are so snuggly and cute

11:36am: I’ll get up now, the kittens can follow me and snuggle again later

11:50am: eating frosted flakes with blueberries. I need to turn the dishwasher on. I only have clean serving spoons.

11:51am: turning on the dishwasher

11:52am: making LOTS of coffee

12:00pm: watching Gilmore Girls and drinking coffee with junior on my lap.


2:33pm: Starting to make pizza, cleaning my utensil drawer, washing dishes, emptying the dishwasher, doing laundry, and lighting my red velvet cake candle

3:16pm: took a video of Ninja and sent it to Phil

3:21pm: took another video of Ninja and sent it to Phil

4:04pm: My pizza is done!!

4:19pm: cutting the pizza and eating the pizza!

5:20pm: Phil is on the phone telling me he is coming home, I am still doing laundry

7:12pm: Going to Wawa with Phil to buy candy

9:14pm: Just ordered new snowflake tights online!

9:25pm: Going to run 5 miles

10:10pm: I just decided that I am going to coach myself because I know things about running & I trust myself more than I trust anyone else

10:30pm: Blogging

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