Mindful Miles

Mindful miles: Connecting mindfulness with running and brining meaning to every run. 

Running should be freeing. Running should be enjoyable.


Boundaries only exist in your mind and only if you let them.

Good things will happen at the best possible time.

Running is like a puzzle, you have to keep trying to get all of the pieces to fit together so you can see the picture. When you finally get the pieces to fit together you will have created a master piece.


Run with intent. Each run has a purpose.

Run. Move forward. Look ahead. And even if you stumble or fall, find comfort in knowing that the rut will soon be miles behind you.



Even when you see a sign that tells you to stop, you can keep going once the traffic clears.


The road looked long and lonely so she went a different way all without knowing that she would go back and run it one day.


We should never fear the darkness. We should never fear the night. If you have the right perspective, darkness precedes light.

IMG_5127FullSizeRender 9

The miles you run are the bridge between where you are and where you want to go.

Each mile will live on in the footprints you’ve left behind.


The miles you run don’t create you, you create the miles you run.

Believe in the power of a good run.


The things you desire aren’t always out of reach, looks can be deceiving. Run until you catch your dreams.



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