Belief & Gratitude

Belief & Gratitude Fall 2015

There are so many things I have been grateful for this fall that I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I haven’t been writing these posts as often as I wanted to but I am still recording things I am grateful for regularly, which is something I am very proud of myself for. Its difficult to keep a journal, especially on hectic days. Its also sometimes difficult to find something good about a really bad day, but there is always something and I have enjoyed making a conscious effort to find that one good thing, or in some cases lots of good things. Gratitude is magical because it can provide a person with a whole world of happiness.

In September I was grateful for:

long run with Lyndsey and Brittany. This 16 mile run was one of my greatest memories from the early fall

Fall decorations

Leaves changing colors

Watching the XC team race and improve week by week

Winning the Grapes & Peaches 10K

Breakfast for dinner


The fall craft fair where I bought candles and kettle corn

Completing my first year of grad school!

A great 17 mile run in my Altras

I got a new sparkly soul in the mail, the dreamcatcher headband!

I didn’t need stitches that day I speared a tree branch into my head

A very quick 18 mile progression run

Earning an A, A- & A- in my summer classes

Watching 7th Heaven on Netflix

I had time off from school

In October I was grateful for:

I bought a new yellow hat

I got new rain boots

Snuggling with kittens



I got my race kit for my new running club

An amazing 20 mile run in one of my favorite places, Washington Crossing

I met my friend’s baby

Phil and I became the proud owners of an iron after 5 years of marriage. *I have not used the iron yet*

The wool socks I ordered from China finally came

I ran my favorite workout 3×3200

I got 2 new teal sparkly souls in the mail!

I completed the ambassador challenge and got 2 more sparkly souls in the mail, and sparkly hair ties


I got a very nice letter in the mail from Lyndsey


My mom took me to a craft store

I updated my phone and found lots of new emojis including a new snowman emoji

The XC team continuously PRing

Phil made me dinner too many times to count

I worked at a race expo and sold sparkly souls

I also bought 3 more sparkly souls

I drove to Rhode Island and enjoyed it, well for the most part

We watched Hocus Pocus with Ninja on Halloween

In November I was grateful for: 

I ran the Bridge Run for the 5th year in a row


I didn’t have work for 10 days because of #staycation2015 

The XC team ran amazing at nationals


I visited Sneakers & Spokes and bought new Altras

I donated 2 bags of clothes and threw away 1 bag of clothes

Completing The Michigan Workout for the second year in a row

I went to the diner with Hollie

I lit all of my favorite candles, red velvet, snickerdoodle, and peppermint bark

I let my cats play with a shoelace and they loved it

I decorated for Christmas


I rediscovered my love of shirts with thumb holes

I worked at another expo selling sparkly souls and only came home with 2 this time

I saw a lot of my friends at the expo

I ran the Philadelphia Marathon and my feet didn’t bleed and I didn’t get blisters

I walked around town and went to the coffee shop

I ordered 5 more sparkly souls from the winter cleaning sale

Phil and I cooked a turkey and hosted Thanksgiving successfully

I went shopping with my sister-in-laws

I bought 9 thermal thumb hole shirts

I stocked up vanilla bean noel products from Bath & Body Works

I went to yankee candle





I took 7 days off from running in a row

*For those of you counting, I acquired 15 new sparkly souls this fall and that isn’t including the ones I gave away. I may have a slight addiction but in the best way possible.*


2 thoughts on “Belief & Gratitude Fall 2015

  1. I am keeping count of your Sparkly Souls (just kidding). I’m glad you’ve been having such a great last few months. I bet it feels awesome to just relax.


  2. I love that you know how many Sparkly Soul headbands you own! They are some of my favorites too and I always get compliments on them at races (I only have about 4-5 tho). This is a cool thankfulness post and I’m glad you are doing it even with November and thankful season being over with because it shows you value it year round :).


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